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September 12 2017

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This photo I took reminds me of the moon song from the movie Her.

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Worships the Magic Stone

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I arrived last night in Kolkata and headed out first thing to Kumortuli where the preparation of a multitude of clay gods is in full force. I will miss the peak of Durga-Puja, because I will be heading south before then, but have a week or more to experience the build up in the city while also pursuing other small projects. These images today are the unpainted and undressed natural clay forms, some of which are wonderfully detailed. They will be finished in various ways in the coming days but I really like them like this. 1/3

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#Kolkata #Goddess #india #kumortulighat #durgapuja #durga #kolkatadurgapuja

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Przemieszałem się z nim
pastwiskiem ptaków.
Każda żyłka mego ciała jest dnem
lekkiego oceanu.

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Jen Garrido Wildflower Study Dinner Plate

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Die Blechtrommel - © 2015 Matteo M. Santoni

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photography by Katja Kremenic.

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Against darkness

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Muddy Mississippi

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Untitled, ca 1950, Dr. Paul Wolff & Alfred Tritschler.

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Roger Parry, Edith Piaf leaning out of a Hotel Room Window, Angers, July 1941

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